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Mortgage Advisor -

The Process

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1. First chat

We’ll have an initial discussion to help me get an idea of your situation.

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2. Mortgage Application and document request

I’ll guide you through the process of making an online application along with what documents are needed to put the application together.

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3. Analysing

I’ll go through your online application and documents provided, and start researching the best options suited to your financial situation.

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4. Personalised Solutions

We’ll arrange a time to meet, whether it be via Google Meet, in person or over the phone, where I can present the solutions that are best suited to you.

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5. Pre approval

Send your application off to the bank/s to be assessed.

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6. Approval

House hunting begins, you now know the price range you can look at.

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7. Unconditional

- Finance has been met.
- Discuss and lock in loan structure.

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8. Settlement

Congratulations you’re a home owner!

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