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How to budget over the summer to ensure you don’t blow out on your bigger financial goals

As the sun starts to heat up our days and the aroma of BBQs fills the air, it's easy to get caught up in the buzz of summer. And I don’t mean to be the fun police, but let's not forget about our long-term financial goals, like saving for that deposit or paying off the mortgage! With a little bit of planning and determination, you can enjoy the season without sacrificing your financial future. Here are my tips to keep you on track and have fun at the same time!

Create a Summer Budget
Before you head off on any summer adventures, take a moment to map out your spending plan. Factor in everything from beach trips to holiday wardrobe updates, and don't forget all those festive get-togethers! Allocate a specific budget for each category to ensure you have enough to cover all your summer escapades.

Keep it Local
Take advantage of what's right in your backyard by exploring local beaches, hiking through nearby scenic trails, and even visiting the neighbourhood farmers' market to stock up on delicious seasonal produce. Not only will it give you a chance to truly appreciate your local area without the time pressure of your usual weekly routine, but you'll also save on travel expenses.

Get Together for Less
Instead of dining out at fancy restaurants, why not host a potluck with friends? Sharing the load not only lightens the financial burden but also offers up a hit of nostalgia from simpler times that everyone will love to be a part of! You could even opt for picnics in the park or DIY movie nights at home for affordable entertainment.

Bring out your Green Thumb
Summer is the perfect time to start a small garden. Growing your own herbs and vegetables can save you a bundle on groceries.

Save with Second Hand
Op shops, garage sales, and online marketplaces will be teeming with treasures on the back of everyone’s spring clear outs. Whether it's summer clothing updates or beach gear, consider buying pre-loved items. You'll save money and reduce your environmental footprint in the process!

Discounts and Deals
Keep an eye out for summer sales and special promotions. Many retailers offer huge deals during this season, so seize the opportunity to snag quality items at a fraction of the cost. Just remember, it's not about buying more, but buying items you really need for less and only if you’re in the position to afford them!

Monitor and Adjust
Regularly review your spending against your budget. Did you overspend on that impromptu road trip? No worries! Adjust your budget accordingly and find ways to make up for it. One slip up doesn’t need to derail your goals!


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